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Pharmacy4UK Faq - Codeine Phosphate

Should I stay away from alcohol when taking codeine phosphate tablets?

Yes. Customers are strongly advised to avoid drinking alcohol when taking this medication. Alcohol can react negatively with certain ingredients contained in this medication and can result in negative side effects.

What duration of time does codeine phosphate 60 mg provide pain relief for?

This medication provides relief from pain for approximately 4 to 6 hours.

How long does it take for this medication to become active?

Codeine phosphate tablets usually start working after 30 minutes with the maximum effect being felt at around 2 hours.

Will this medication affect my fertility?

It is possible that long term use of opiates can negatively affect a man's fertility by decreasing the sperm that is produced. The effect that it will have depends on how long you take this medication for and your dosage. There is no substantial evidence to prove that short-term use affects fertility, or to indicate whether fertility problems resulting from the use of this medication are permanent.

Is it safe to take during pregnancy?

No. This medication is not recommended for pregnant women as it may be harmful to your unborn baby.

What benefits can you expect when you buy codeine online UK medication?

Codeine can help you manage pain of varying intensity. It can also be used to alleviate symptoms of diarrhoea and dry cough. When taking this medication, patients in countless numbers experience these benefits with minimal side effects, provided they adhere to the dosage recommendations.

Does this medication contain aspirin or paracetamol?

No. This medication does not contain aspirin or paracetamol.

Is there a risk of developing dependency with long-term use of opioid analgesics?

Yes. When used on a long-term basis, it is possible that you may develop a tolerance to opioid analgesics. If you find that you need to take a higher dosage to achieve the same effect, you should consult your doctor about the best way forward. If you stop taking codeine phosphate tablets suddenly under these circumstances, you may experience unwanted side effects.