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Pharmacy4UK Faq - Nitrazepam

I'm pregnant - can I use this medication?

No, if you are pregnant, lactating or planning on getting pregnant, you should not take this medication as it can be harmful to your unborn baby. Medication may be passed from mother to child.

How do I find out the expiry date of my nitrazepam tablets?

The expiration date as well as the batch number is usually printed on your box or blister pack, so you will be well aware of when it will expire. Medication cannot be taken beyond expiry date, so take careful note of that.

When can I expect my parcel to arrive after I have placed an order?

Your parcel should arrive within 2 to 3 working days after you have verified your order for UK addresses. If the specified address is to other parts of the EU, expect delivery within 3 to 7 days. Note that these are estimates do not account for unforeseen circumstances and depend on the correct shipping details being provided.

What other products can I buy via your website?

Besides a range of FDA approved sleep medications, you will also find medication to treat anxiety, muscular-skeletal issues, hair loss treatment, weight loss and more. Browse the products section now to view all the categories of our online pharmacy.

Is it safe to buy Mogadon online?

Yes, we ensure our customers personal information is encrypted and do not share these details with third party vendors. Our payment gateway is secure and regularly updated for total peace of mind.

Can children take this medication?

No. Children should not take this medication under any circumstances. Users should be 18 years old and upwards.

Will I get addicted to this medication?

As mentioned above, the medication should not be taken for longer than 4 weeks as it can become habit forming. However, if you take it in the correct way then there should be no concerns about dependency or withdrawal issues.

What are some of the main warnings when using nitrazepam 10 mg?

Make sure you don't need to drive or operate heavy machinery after taking the medication and this includes during the immediate hours after you get up. Also stick to dosage recommendations and do not take for extended periods of time without a break.