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Bitcoin at Pharmacy4UK

Many people in the UK that suffer from conditions like anxiety, depression and chronic pain depend on the medication they use daily to enable them to live more comfortably – and these medications are rarely free of charge.

Bitcoin (BTC) gives customers that buy medication regularly, to use daily, a chance to save on their monthly medical expenses. At Pharmacy4UK we love Bitcoin so much, we offer discount or extra free medicine with each and every order.

In a nutshell, customers that pay using Bitcoin at Pharmacy4UK get their medication cheaper than anyone else in the UK – read below to find out how!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which puts it in the digital currency group. Just like physical currencies such as the Pound (GBP) and Euro (EUR), this digital cryptocurrency is transacted daily millions of times to pay for goods and services around the world.

It has been in circulation since 2009 and has a market cap of 21 million – meaning unlike the GBP and EUR, there is a limited amount of BTC and its scarcity has seen its value increase by more than 2,500% in recent years.

Bitcoin was one of the most searched terms online in the UK in 2019 and due to the recent unprecedented interest, financial experts believe that this crypto-asset is set to tenfold in value again over the next few years.

What Price is Bitcoin in the UK?

The price you pay for Bitcoin in the United Kingdom at any particular time can depend on factors such as how you pay (via bank transfer or using a credit/debit card) – however in general most market places are very similarly priced.

The important thing to remember when asking about the price of Bitcoin is that unless you are buying it to hold on to (or HODL – Hold On for Dear Life) as an investment, then it doesn't really matter.

If you simply plan on buying one hundred Pounds worth of Bitcoin in the UK to pay for your online order there is no need to worry, or even think too much about its price.

Right now the BTC price is set at £28567.41

Benefits of Cryptocurrency in the UK

While Bitcoin is a digital currency it is so much more than just that. As mentioned it is a cryptocurrency meaning unlike the average digital currency, BTC is encrypted by cryptography which makes it impossible to counterfeit, and the blockchain technology it runs on makes it impossible to double spend.

Again, unlike other digital currencies, Bitcoin offers its users "pseudonymity", or the option to create accounts with no name. Instead of having an account number and sort code (that can easily be traced) a BTC wallet will look something like "SyE69i3jhWuj47ujYSJlOl8SgdySGsjdCOH".

This basically means money can be sent from party A to party B without sharing any personal information such as bank or credit card details – and you can be 100% sure that your next bank statement won't reference any purchases that you would rather keep private.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in the UK?

Now that you know the benefits of using cryptocurrency, and you know that you don't need to fork out a whopping £8,765.55 to buy 1 full BTC you might be interested in buying a small amount to pay for your goods online and benefit from the discounts offered at Pharmacy4UK.

To get started you first need to select an exchange and set up a BTC wallet, once you have downloaded the app on your smart phone you will need to verify your ID to complete the set up of your account - much the same, and just as easy as when you set up your Starling, Revolut or Lloyds banking app in the past.

Just like banks, online vendors of BTC are required to operate under strict guidelines set in place by UK financial institutions as such you can be sure your personal details will be as safe with a BTC exchange as they would be with NatWest or HSBC bank.

How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK?

Once you have selected a vendor and uploaded your ID copy to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements you are ready to buy Bitcoin!

Unlike a bank account, a Bitcoin wallet can be set-up, topped-up and ready to use in a matter of minutes.

We recommend using one of the following well-known UK BTC exchanges to get started:

UK BTC Exchange Credit/Debit Card UK Bank Transfer Website Link
Coinbase Visit CoinBase
Bittylicious Visit Bittylicious
CoinCorner Visit CoinCorner

How to Pay Using Bitcoin?

After you have set up your digital cryptocurrency wallet shopping on our website is extremely easy. Once you have selected the medication that you require, simply head to the checkout and select the Bitcoin payment option (instead of direct bank or card payment).

Immediately after you submit your order you will receive an email containing our Bitcoin wallet address / ID and the amount of BTC that you are required to send to our wallet. Lastly, after completing the transaction we ask that you simply reply to our email referencing the Blockchain transaction ID.

The last benefit we think that is worth noting about Bitcoin is that we receive payments instantly and therefore can dispatch items in the next post – we do not need to wait for bank statements to verify receipt of payment.

Get Started with Bitcoin

By reading this far it is clear that you are interested in Bitcoin. However, the whole "Bitcoin idea" may still be a bit unclear? If that sounds about right - that's because it would be impossible for anyone to fully describe Bitcoin in all its crypto-technicalities in one short article!

The best thing to do is get involved. Set up an account to toy with. It is free to set up, and is no harder to set up than a Facebook account or a mobile banking account like Revolut (which you probably have, right?).

If you have any questions or need assistance with getting set up our friendly customer service team are on hand 24/7 to help!