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If you are living in the EU, every time you shop with us you will receive express delivery. This benefit is part and parcel of any purchase you make with us, regardless of the number of products you buy or the amount you buy. However, larger quantities might be split into more than one dispatch. It is also advisable to buy medication in larger quantities, as the price per pill ends up cheaper.

In normal circumstances, delivery takes roughly 4-7 business days in the EU. In cases where there is a high volume of orders (especially during holiday season), there may be a slight delay in delivery. In these circumstances, customers will usually be notified in advance. You can buy any product from our range without a prescription and orders are discreetly wrapped to protect your privacy.

To secure delivery, you will need to provide your postal address once you have selected which medication you require and specified the quantity you would like to buy. You will also have to provide your credit card details to use our secure online payment facilities. These features are regularly updated with the latest encryption technology for total peace of mind. Once your order has been verified and you have made the payment, you should receive confirmation that your order has been dispatched within four days.

Customers can also track their orders via our website. In the unlikely event that your order has not been received within two/three weeks after purchase, you can direct your complaints and queries to customer services by making use of the 24/7 live chat or contact page that is featured on our website. Buying your FDA-approved medication with us is easy and considerably more convenient than buying at a regular pharmacy thanks to our efficient door-to-door delivery service.