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Dihydrocodeine was first developed as a medication to treat severe coughs and tuberculosis.


About Dihydrocodeine

Dihydrocodeine was first developed as a medication to treat severe coughs and tuberculosis. It is one of the oldest semi-synthetic, opioid pain medicines on the market. It was sanctioned for use after medical trials showed its efficacy as both a cough medicine and an analgesic in 1948, but was used for some time before that in Germany.

As monthly expenses continue to creep up for most people around the world, many have begun to look for ways to reduce costs. One significant way many have found is to shop for medications at online pharmacies that offer generic versions of well-known brands at a fraction of their cost. Online pharmacies also tend to offer patients the chance to buy medications without the need for a prescription, saving customers both time and money.

How Dihydrocodeine Works?

Dihydrocodeine blocks the transmission of pain signals from the nerves to the brain. The entire effect of standard dihydrocodeine pills takes 1.5 to 2 hours to kick in. It is 2-3 times stronger. It shares certain other characteristics with codeine, like its analgesic effects, and as such should be used according to medical advice.

Dihydromorphine is a highly active metabolite with a strong affinity for mu opioid receptors and it is produced during the metabolism of dihydrocodeine. This means the brain interprets it in the same way it would morphine, it is thought that this, is what makes it such an effective painkiller.

Dihydrocodeine Side Effects

As with any medication, especially opioids, there is the possibility of developing dependence if this medication is abused. It is important to follow usage guidelines put out by the manufacturers of such drugs and to speak to a doctor before use, especially if there is a history of substance misuse. Listed below are some of the mild and more common side effects:

  • Itchiness
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Vertigo

To see a more conclusive set of side effects, including contraindications and signs of an allergic reaction, see the Patient Information Leaflet. If the side effects last more than 24 hours, stop use and speak to a doctor as soon as possible. To reduce the possibility of dependence, opioid medications should be used as part of a treatment plan that incorporates pain management techniques.

Is Dihydrocodeine Safe for Everyone?

Dihydrocodeine is perfectly safe to use if medical advice is followed and it is not mixed with alcohol or other medications without prior medical advice. It has been used by humans for over 100 years so many of the adverse reactions are well understood and manageable. The group most at risk when using this medication are people with a previous opioid addiction, they should speak to a doctor about alternatives.

How to Buy Dihydrocodeine Online?

To place an order, just select the medication and quantity from the dropdown menu on our site and add them to the cart. Proceed to the checkout and input your delivery address, then make your payment using either Bitcoin, bank transfer, Mastercard, or Visa. Delivery to the EU takes just 4-7 days.

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