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Pharmacy4U Patient Agreement (Prescription Only Medication in Europe)

Only by agreeing to the following nine points you are permitted to buy medication without a prescription from Pharmacy4U:

  • I confirm that I have in recent times visited my personal doctor for a check-up.
  • I have need of the specific medications that I have placed an order for in line with personal use only and I consent not to share, dispense of or pass them along to any other individual.
  • I consent to take caution and read all medicine packing pull-outs and labels prior to use.
  • I recognize that prior to taking any novel medicine I will refer to my doctor ahead of time.
  • I ratify that all queries have been responded to honestly and to the full scope of my understanding.
  • I am mindful that if improper information is provided by me, it may lead to inapt advice as well as unfitting medicine being dispensed to me which could badly affect my health.
  • I have been wholly educated and comprehend the benefits, the risks and other conceivable side effects of the medicine I have bought.
  • In the case that any side effects or other issues progress, I consent to contact a doctor directly so as to get help.
  • In respect to the medicines that I have acquired, I will be accountable for ensuring that my own doctor is informed.

Upon checking out you may be required to tick a box confirming this.