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Tramadol 50 mg, 100 mg and 225 mg is used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Tramadol is sold under various brand names in the EU including Ultram, Marol, Zydol and Maxitram. Customers can buy tramadol EU without a prescription at Pharmacy 4U.


About Tramadol

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a centrally-acting analgesic that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is also known as Ultram and it is effective at relieving acute pain which tends to happen suddenly. It is also used to treat chronic or long-term pain which usually lasts longer than 3 months. Chronic pain is associated with conditions like arthritis, back pain and nerve pain. Tramadol can also be combined with paracetamol to improve its efficacy in relieving pain.

How Tramadol Works

This medication works by imitating the effect of naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that help relieve pain. It has a similar effect to the substances in the brain known as endorphins. Endorphins hold fast to receptors in the brain. The receptors then suppress the pain signals that your body transmits to your brain. It works in the same way as it decreases the amount of pain you feel if you experience any type of painful sensation.

What is the Usual Tramadol Dosage?

The recommended dosage for the relief of acute pain should be 1 - 2 tablets, three times a day. If you take it for chronic pain, take 1 - 2 tablets at first, then 1 - 2 tablets every four to six hours, according to the severity of pain. If you miss a dose, you may take it as soon as you remember, however, you are advised not to double dose. When you decide to stop usage, you must gradually stop your dosage so that your body can get used to not taking the medication.

Tramadol Benefits Over Other Painkillers

  • This medication is often used in cases where regular painkillers do not offer adequate pain relief.
  • It can be used to treat sudden pain such as broken bones, burns, cuts or to relieve pain associated with a surgical procedure.
  • It also effectively relieves ongoing pain associated with long-term conditions like fibromyalgia, neuropathy and arthritis.

Tramadol Side Effects

Side effects are usually not serious and tend to pass quickly. However, if this medication is taken incorrectly or the dosage is exceeded, the following adverse reactions may occur:

  • Indigestion
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Confusion

Side effects occur in about 10% of users or less, and they are generally easy to manage. They will subside as the medication is eliminated from the body.

Is Tramadol Safe for Everyone?

If you have any of the following conditions, you should talk to a medical practitioner before you buy tramadol online:

  • Kidney or liver disease.
  • Sleep apnoea or asthma.
  • Problems with your gallbladder or pancreas.
  • Biliary colic which is a condition that can cause acute stomach cramps.
  • Stomach ulcers or intestinal problems.

Buy tramadol and use with care if you are taking any of the following medications:

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors such as phenelzine and moclobemide (currently or within the last two weeks).
  • Tranquilising medications or anxiety medication such as diazepam.
  • Nootropics for ADHD, colds and flu, fungal infections, cancer, PrEP HIV, migraines, heart disease, blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

How To Buy Tramadol Online?

You can buy tramadol from Pharmacy 4U at the most affordable rates along with a wide range of other medication. You will receive fast door to door delivery when you order it. Our online pharmacy will even offer a discounted rate to customers who buy the medication in larger quantities. We have made our customer care team available to you day and night if you need to discuss your purchase or simply need advice on the medication you have chosen.

Tramadol FAQ

1. How does this medication work?

This medication works by affecting the opioid receptors in the brain which are responsible for the transmission of pain messages through the body. It also works by affecting certain neurotransmitters that are related to the feeling of pain.

2. How long does this medication take to work?

This treatment usually takes less than 1 hour to start working, but the effects can be felt after 30 minutes on an empty stomach. This will vary from person to person.

3. How long do the effects last?

The effects of this medication last for about 4 - 6 hours

4. Is it safe to drive while taking this medication?

This medication can make some patients feel sleepy or dizzy so you should know how it affects you before driving a vehicle.

5. Can this medication be used on a long-term basis?

No, you should avoid using this medication for more than a few weeks. Taking it for longer than this can lead to tolerance. This medication is ideally a short-term solution for pain.

6. Can this medication be taken if breastfeeding?

No. If you are breastfeeding you should not take this medication as it can have a harmful effect on an unborn baby.

7. Can I take this medication with alcohol?

Alcohol should never be combined as it can react with this medication and cause serious side effects.

8. Can I take this medication if I am still on other medications?

There are certain medications that cannot be taken at the same time as this medication. Let your healthcare provider know if you are taking any other medications and avoid those that can interact negatively. Some might need to be taken at different times, without compromising the other.

Information Checked: 26th July 2022
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Tramadol Reviews

Sabz – Aug 13, 2022
It was my first time making an order from pharmacy4u and they didn’t let me down. They delivered on time and it was what I asked for. Will definitely be ordering again.
C nicol – Jan 08, 2022
Once again can't fault this company,excellent products,always delivered on time good prices and no excessive postage charges,Also a customer service that reply to emails promptly
Sharon – Aug 21, 2021
I can live a more normal life with this medicine - good prices and fast delivery.

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