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Returns and Refund Policy

At (here after referred to as the company) we adopt a straightforward approach to our refund and returns policy. This simplifies the aftercare process, allowing for hassle-free and efficient customer service assistance to be provided. You are advised to read through this page so that you are aware of what circumstances qualify for a return exchange or refund. The company will investigate and authorise all requests for a refund or return if:

  • The customer has received the incorrect order; the products or contents are of inferior quality; the order contains damaged or broken products upon delivery.
  • The refund and returns policy of the company is in full agreement with the online trading, pharmaceutical, and regional regulations practiced in the EU and the European Union.

Returns Policy

Customers can submit a request for a return shipment if their order was not correct, the quality was compromised in some way, or if the medication was damaged. Under these conditions, the company should be notified immediately via the customer support team. We will need to approve your request by inspecting the goods. Therefore customers should contact us to make arrangements to have the order sent back to us. Customers are expected to advise us immediately as failure to do so could compromise logging of their complaint.

Important: If the customer fails to notify us immediately after receiving their goods, or after using it for the first time, such request for a return shipment or refund will not be processed. If the damage is not due to the courier services but occurred after delivery was made, then a refund or return order cannot be lodged with us.

Refund Policy

The company will issue refunds under the circumstances mentioned above. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of their goods, if the goods are damaged or missing, or if the goods are broken, then the customer must contact our team immediately. We can only accept refund requests once we have been notified of the discrepancy, within 7 days after the package has been delivered to the customer, after the matter has been promptly lodged with us and after the defective or package in question has been properly returned.

We reserve the right, however, to issue refunds purely at our discretion after considering all factors and once the issue has been investigated by our team. The company will not process refunds in the case where customers have provided us with incorrect personal details such as delivery address or name. In the case of an order not arriving as expected, adequate time must elapse to ascertain that a shipment has not arrived as there may be delays with the courier beyond our control e.g. public holidays etc.

Charge Back Policy

The company does not entertain chargebacks under any circumstances. We reserve the right to ban members, as we see fit, who have lodged a chargeback with their bank. Disputes are settled with our customer care team only and they are available 24/7.

WARNING: Cybercrime is a punishable offense and will be strongly dealt with.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to notify us of a return order or refund request, and you have read the above information, you can contact us via email. Our customer care team is standing by to attend to your queries. We advise you to have a look at our FAQ section as some of your queries may already be answered.