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Terms and conditions is an e-pharmacy that sells a number of approved pharmacological treatments, including medications that are used to manage symptoms relating to anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss. It is also a licensed distributor of medication used to assist people to stop smoking, lose weight, curb insomnia, boost mental performance, as well as offer pain relief.

When making use of this website and purchasing any of these products, the terms and conditions described below are applicable. If the reader has any questions or queries regarding any of the following points, they are advised to contact customer services on the company’s website. (hereafter referred to as ‘the company’) reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions described herewith, as well as to the pricing and description of any products sold on this website. Such changes might affect any future transactions. To prevent misunderstandings between the consumer and the company, it is recommended that individuals read and keep a copy of these terms and other policies, which are current at the time of purchases. The company does not accept responsibility for any changes in the exchange rate that might affect the cost to the consumer or owing to changes in pricing as well as product offering or availability thereof.

In order to prevent disappointment arising from certain rules and regulations surrounding the buying of medication sold online in a country of residence, potential customers are advised to be well informed on local policies, which vary from country to country e.g. customs duties, buying restrictions etc. The terms and conditions described in this document are not binding in cases where local laws prohibit or place fines for possession or purchasing of medication that is bought online. In cases where any product sold by the company is confiscated upon arrival in a new territory, the company will also not be held liable.

Children under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing any medication sold by

Medical Disclaimer

The information provided on this website, while every effort is made to ensure accuracy, is not intended to replace consultation with relevant health-care practitioners or specialists who can perform the necessary examinations for diagnosis. It is thus not intended for self-diagnosis, but rather as informative and helpful information especially for patients who have difficulty speaking about their issues. This applies to any written information provided on this website in the form of blogs, articles or product descriptions.

Customers are always advised to seek advice from their doctors before making any purchases, in addition to educating themselves about the characteristics of each medication they are considering buying, such as active ingredients, possible side effects, precautions and contraindications. This is recommended to ensure the health and safety of the person using these products, as well as to help them derive the maximum benefit from the products they intend using. Such information can be found on this website, as well as on the patient information booklet/leaflet that is usually provided in the packaging of any medication we supply. Further information is also available on reliable online health and medical resources.

This medication should be used solely by the party who buys it and should not be distributed to any third parties. In either case, the company does not accept liability for any damage, loss or misuse of any products bought on this website.

Order Rejection, Cancellation and Changes

Orders can be rejected, at the discretion of the relevant representative of the company, in the following circumstances:

  • If the customer does not supply the correct and complete information necessary to process an order
  • Prices or relevant information provided on the website are out of date
  • There is no stock of the requested product at the time of order

If you think that there are no grounds for rejecting your order, you can direct your complaint to customer services via the contact page provided on the website.

It may be possible for changes to be made to your order within 24 to 48 hours after purchase, if your order has not yet been processed. Requests for changes remain at the discretion of the company and depend on whether or not it is possible to do so once customer service has been informed.

Delivery Information

Delivery of items purchased on this website is free, but the company does not take responsibility for any extra fees that may be incurred due to local policies and regulations that are applicable to your territory. The company reserves the right to not supply medication to all countries, depending on various policies and regulations. Contact customer care to find out if we deliver to the country you reside in.

**Also read up on our privacy policy, refund and returns terms, delivery terms and FAQ section for more information.

Please note these terms and conditions may be amended without prior notice.

Kindly visit this page frequently to keep up to date.

If you have any queries on the above or our medications, please contact us via our online contact form.