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Pharmacy4UK Faq - Dutasteride

What is dutasteride 0.5 mg used for?

It was primarily used to deal with enlarged prostate, but it is commonly used nowadays for promoting scalp hair growth (to help stop hair loss and even thicken hair follicles that have thinned).

Can I take other medication when using dutasteride 0.5 mg?

Some drugs cannot be taken in conjunction with dutasteride as they may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects. You should avoid taking dutasteride if you are also taking medication for high blood pressure, HIV and fungal infections, or are taking anti-depressants or alpha-blockers. For a more detailed list of drugs to avoid, research further online.?

I am allergic to soya, is it OK for me to take this medication?

No, this drug contains soya products so taking it may cause an allergic reaction. You should also avoid taking it if you are allergic to peanuts.

How long will it take for dutasteride 0.5mg?to have an effect?

This medication affects people differently, but it can take more than 6 months to show effective results. It is normally used as a long-term treatment programme.

I've missed a dose. What must I do?

Don't worry if you miss a dose. It can be harmful to double-dose so just make sure you don't miss the next scheduled dose.

Can women take this drug?

No, this drug is only suitable for men seeking treatment for scalp hair loss and enlarged prostate.

Is it safe to buy dutasteride tablets online?

While not all e-pharmacies can be guaranteed to provide safe and secure facilities for you to make your payment, our online payment facilities are 100% secure when you use your credit card. And you can expect to receive FDA approved medications as described on our website, after placing your order.

What are some of the side effects associated with this treatment?

Sexual issues such as low libido, difficulty with ejaculation and impotence may result from dutasteride use but the body normally adapts to the medication quickly and these negative effects subside. See section on side effects for more information.